" A dramatic, intriguing and compelling piece of entertainment in the making!"

~ John Whitter, Angel International Management, U. K.



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Right this second, in countless cities and small towns throughout the world, someone is being intimidated by a bill collector.

"PAST DUE!" is the story of one such relentless collector who will stop at nothing in order to bring the money in to the collection agency where he works; even if it means breaking the law.

Besides being highly entertained, the movie going public will gain valuable information that will ensure that THEY will NEVER fall prey to the likes of anyone as determined or demented as Ray Weaver.


Read what a few industry insiders
are saying about "PAST DUE!"


"More than loosely based on real-life nefarious characters, this cat n' mouse rollercoaster ride will have your rapt attention and ultimately put your mind at ease; especially if you're a debtor!"


"PAST DUE!" tackles subject matter that is long past due itself; and along the way provides some genuine solutions.  Don't get me wrong, this thriller is no documentary!"


"It's patently clear this screenplay was written by someone who has been in the trenches and seen the heartbreak that owing money to creditors brings about.  This film more than sprinkles a dash of hope while raising awareness as well as our hackles in this taught eye-opening look into the credit industry."


"This critic boldly predicts "PAST DUE!" will be applauded not only for its mammoth entertainment value, but for its contribution to society far beyond the box office."


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