Meet the Production Team


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Screenwriter, Producer, Chief Consultant, William Allen

"PAST DUE!" is the vision and brainchild of Mr. Perry, a four time book author who is resolute and thoroughly absorbed in his efforts to turn his screenplay, "PAST DUE!" into a major motion picture that entertains and has a resoundingly positive impact on the lives of film goers everywhere. His extensive background in all facets of the credit industry uniquely qualify Benn as the film's Chief Consultant. "If "PAST DUE!" is controversial in any way, it will be considered such by those working in an industry that could use a complete overhaul of its tenets; so I won't shed a single tear for them once this film plays on Main Street, USA!" Perry assures.  "This motion picture will be a game changer and finally has the courage to delve deeply into a subject matter that is and has been plaguing the citizens of countries throughout the world for decades.  It's time to level the playing field.  It's time to fight back against a system that for too long has cared less about the consumer's rights when it comes to attempting to collect a debt. "PAST DUE!" will ultimately be remembered for its instant lifeline that is tossed to viewers while they are seated in their neighborhood theater and can be immediately implemented from the moment THE END appears on their screen!"




We are thrilled to have attracted the interest of the irrespressible star of such hit TV series as The Wild Wild West, Ba Ba Black Sheep, and Hawaiian Eye; and Director of countless Hallmark made for television features,  Mr. Robert Conrad, to the team as our Director.  A man who, around the world, really needs no introduction, we suggest after you read about him at the IMDb link we're sending you to - you pull Bob up on YouTube for a stroll down memory lane and to take in a few segments of his current and very popular (12 Million regular listerners weekly) CRN international radio show "PM Radio with Robert Conrad" - as well as countless hours of video in which he is featured.  Those who have worked with Mr. Conrad line up to sing his praises.  As a no-nonsense Director, he has the reputation of being able to keep detailed focus from sunup to sunset on the scenes at hand.  Bob is forever mindful of what needs to be accomplished, and that equates to bringing his pictures in on time and on budget.  Check out his recent honoraria at our In The Spotlight page of this website.





A.D., Producer, Music Supervisor, Wyatt

Mr. Harlow brings an invigorating style to his film making that has been called "refreshingly powerful" and calls on his background as a successful songwriter, composer and musician when orchestrating a feature length film from the behind-the-camera perspective.  Joey will be Assisting Mr. Conrad in directing as well as working alongside Jackie Kallen from a production standpoint.  His joining forces with Virginia Bair of FireFly Films is a testament to his fervor toward "making "PAST DUE!" the most meaningful, statement film ever!"  As the film's firt Producer and as the "best business I could dream of having" according to Screenwriter and Producer, Benn Perry, Joey is relentless, tireless, determined, headstrong, focused, uncanny in making the right connections, capable and resolute in turning "PAST DUE!" into "the very best piece of cinema it can possibly be!"  Says Mr. Harlow: "This journey to the mountaintop isn't gonna be easy, and we'll slip and slide and maybe even trip once in a while along the way, but we will NEVER fall, because our goal is one that has a universal appeal...we won't stop until we've made a real difference!"  And THAT is precisely what you want to hear from one of your Top Guns on a project!






Ms. Kallen is best known as the First Lady of Boxing" for having become the first female to manage a World Champion boxer, James "Lights Out" Toney, however, her tenacity, perserverence and positivity in all arenas makes her tops in whichever ring she enters. Her life story was portrayed in the film "Against the Ropes" and there is no doubt that "PAST DUE!" will soar with her at the production helm.  Jackie is a much sought after motivational speaker and we invite you to read up on her by clicking her picture after you've heard her personal introduction above.  So GREAT to have you in our corner too, Jackie! Even before we step on stage to accept our first "Oscar" - you make us all feel like World Champs!





Publicist & Producer

Platinum Star Public Relations, founded by Marie Lemelle, is among the most respected entertainment companies in the industry. Located near all of the strategic partners along the Southern California coast, Ms. Lemelle maintains superior business relationships with every form of international media imaginable, right in her company's own backyard. It is this proximity to all of the "buzz" combined with Ms. Lemelle's tenacious representation on behalf of her clients and her remarkably warm personality in a known to be dog-eat-dog industry that attracted the "PAST DUE!" Production Team to her doorstep.  We cannot be happier to have joined forces with this dynamic, headstrong powerhouse who is known for putting films on all the right maps and placing her clients in all the right films.  Click on Marie's photograph above to go to the Platinum Star Public Relations website.  There you'll read about some of their success stories and have a more in-depth look at what makes this special organization tick!  






LesAnn, as we affectionately call this amazing woman, is the shining beacon of light that continually illuminates this project's way.  If we ever need something, whether it is a technical bit of information or a human kindness that only she seems to be able to deliver time and time again, Ms. Burns is our "go to girl!"  Her people skills are unmatched, and when you combine those attributes with her extensive background as a corporate executive who has steered major organizations through the choppiest of waters; you have an individual who is as capable and centered as anyone who will stride on or around the "PAST DUE!" set.  LesAnn's impeccible organizational prowess serves to ease the daily pressures involved in the film making process, and that, along with a beating heart of pure gold, is what makes this blessing of a lady one of this film's most beloved commodities. She is a producers who shines brightly every single day of this arduous film making process!  




Cece Ketcham

Cece Ketcham has all of the requisite credentials that every world class Producer carries with them. More importantly, however, she brings to the "PAST DUE!" family the kind of heart, compassion and desire to help others that is the absolute and truest intention of this feature film; and has been since the first word hit the first page of the First Draft of the script. That unbridled passionate energy Cece exhibits, that well meaning and helpful nature, is what further breathes life into "PAST DUE!" and is what will make all of us succeed on levels few might yet to have imagined. We will all recognize them when this film is shining on silver screens everywhere, and the movie going public learns what we've all been aiming for from the start.  Ms. Ketcham is a vibrant, accomplished, and invigorating motivator who energizes us and won't stop until we've all arrived at this project's summit in unison!

Cheryl Murphy

Cheryl Murphy is, simply put, one of the most delightful people you would ever hope to meet.  Her worldwide entertainment empire which includes Spectrum Entertainment, Inc. & Spectrum Talent Agency are located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seoul, South Korea, and soon will include offices in Hong Kong, yet her down to earth personality has you instantly feeling as though she's just "another one of the guys!"  Totally unaffected by the success she brings to her clients, and refreshing to anyone who knows the "typical" Hollywood scene,this globetrotting go-getter has worked with the biggest names in acting of yesterday and today, and has been involved in many offshoot projects with well superstars that include actors Al Pacino, Ron Perlman and Megan Fox; boxing living legends such as undefeated Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. and retired champion, Evander Holyfield; musical giants DMX, George Winston, Lil John, and the list goes on and on.  Ms. Murphy is also the manager of our illustrious Director, Robert Conrad.  We couldn't be happier about her accepting a Producer's position on this film of ours. Great to have you with us in this capacity as well as in your cameo role of Maggie, Ms. Murphy!


Robert Walter
Mr. Walter is a high scholastic achiever as well as a motivated and socially responsible gentleman who is on a mission to make a positive difference in our world.  It is that reason we've asked him to join the "PAST DUE!" team.  Almost daily, this project is filling to its brim with extraordinary people who have a positive world view and vibe and Robert Walter is no exception. Hailing from and proudly living in his native Vienna, Austria - Robert is joining forces with and rounding out our illustrious Production Team.  Shortly we will be addressing him as Dr. Walter as he's drawing near to fulfilling the academic requirements to achieve his Ph.D. in Economics and Social Sciences; a degree that will be proferred upon him by the Vienna University of Economics and Business.  When he's not sitting in the Producer's chair, Robert is traveling the world and dreaming of ways to beautify urban areas.  Presently he is plying his craft as an associate of the real estate development company, Sleven, in his native Austria.  Besides bringing an unparalleled flair for business to our table, Robert is an ignited spark of pure energy, and he shares that energy with all who come in contact with him.  It is a natural energy that is difficult to imagine and certainly one that would be a challenge to match! 

Ronald Vidor, S.O.C.
Director of Photography 

Mr. Vidor is known the world over for his work on such cinematic classics as Jaws, Lethal Weapon, The Big Chill, Five Easy Pieces, Romancing the Stone, Stand By Me and hundreds more.  He has toiled alongside such heavyweight directors as Steven Spielberg, Aaron Spelling, Tony Scott, Richard Fleischer and Lawrence Kasdan, to name just a few.Through his lenses, the world has witnessed some of the greatest acting performances of all time by legendary actors with everlasting star power.  

How's this for a short list?

Sir Laurence Olivier, Timothy Hutton, Richard Dreyfuss, Jackie Gleason, Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Meryl Streep, Charlton Heston, Jack Nicholson, Karen Black, Albert Finney, Glenn Close, Neil Diamond, Brian Keith and, as the old saying goes, a "cast of thousands!"

Mr. Vidor has joined the "PAST DUE!" team as its Director of Photograhy, lending experience, creativity and a résumé that is unparallelled in the film industry. Whether on land, sea, or high up in the air, if it involves manipulating and maneuvering a camera Ron has been there and done that; and more so than most Hollywood cinematographers. We are elated to have Mr. Vidor play such an integral role on our illustrious team.




Line Producer

Gary, though unrelated to the famed actor of yesteryear, is in his own right prolific.  He is an Emmy Award winning director, writer and producer whose impressive credits includes Associate Director of the very popular TV staple "The Phil Donahue Show," and from 1980 through 2004, Mr. Cooper was Staff Director at WXYZ TV in Detroit.  He will be "coming home" so to speak, as our Line Producer, which will allow him some quality time getting reacquainted with a few old friends.  It's great to have this consummate professional on board. Welcome, Gary!



First Asstant to the Director of Photography 

Hugh is a remarkably gifted photographer who is keen on keeping up with all the newest and greatest technological advancements in the photographic realm.  That kind of ring savy, if you will, would, for most people, leave them feeling a sense of self-importance or entitlement.  Such is not the case with Mr. Hatten, who has gracefully consented to work alongside our renown Director of Photography, Ronald Vidor.  His intent is to learn from the Master and we have little doubt that will be exactly what becomes of this cinematic experience for him and the rest of us involved in this production!




Production Manager 

Billy is a Michigan film industry icon who was right there at the start of things when his home state kicked movie production into high gear. If there's a major motion picture being filmed anywhere near The Mitten, you can bank on Mr. Whitehouse being close at hand.  His talents include production management as well as casting, which is why we've brought him to the project to tackle both of those important tasks. Working with you is a pleasure, Billy.  Full speed ahead, mate! 




  Storyboard Artist 

Brad is another homegrown Michigan man who is responsible in large part for putting the State on the film making map over the last thirty years.  His long list of storyboarding credits include the locally produced features Stone, Cedar Rapids and Judicial Consent.  Besides Brad's work in motion pictures, the roster of clients for whom he's rendered and tendered drawings reads like a veritable Who's Who. Some of the more recognizable names are: Ford Motor Company, Hertz, Cleveland Clinic, Duracell, Mazda, ESPN, Goodyear, J. Walter Thompson, Mr. Coffee, Bosch, Blockbuster, Steak & Ale and White Castle. The storyboard artist's job is to provide scene drawings for the entire feature film.  These drawings are gone over with the Director and Production Staff and serve as the movie's blueprint.  They assist the Director of Photography in establishing the film's shot list, and, for all intents and purposes put an actual face on the project.  Brad is one of the best around, and we are proud and honored to be working with on "PAST DUE!"




Andrea Perrine Brower
Graphics Artist 

Andrea is a top level graphic artist who worked for several years with H.C.I. Communications, the publishing company that brought the Chicken Soup for the Soul series to the world, creating dozens of its most memorable book covers.  Her forte is in book cover design, however, her talents crossover into dozens of different creative arts mediums, including as you'll see at this site's Home Page, film posters.  That "PAST DUE!" work of art is all Andrea! Ms. Brower is the CEO of APB Illustration & Graphic Communication headquartered in Parkland, Florida.  Our experience with Ms. Brower's talent is extensive; in fact, she designed and created the cover to our Screenwriter, Benn Perry's Escape From the Plastic Prison, which is shown at this site's The Screenwriter page.  Andrea is a stunning artist and even more remarkably stunning person!




Costume Designer

Speaking of the overall LOOK of the film, the Costume Designer is responsible for authenticating each and every image by matching clothing to scene sequences, mood and termperature changes, as well as keeping continuity precise.  Ms. Hong is at the top of her field, having worked on lower budgeted indie films as well $80 Million budget films such as Real Steel with Hugh Jackman in which she was an Additional Set Costumer.  Her Costume Design and Supervisory credits include such recent motion pictures as The Bully Chronicles, Happy Ending, Golden Shoes, which coincidentally stars Eric Roberts who is playing the role of Danny Westbrook in our "PAST DUE!", Love and Honor, The Wannabes, The Domino Effect and countless other familiar features.  Under Aline's guidance we'll have a costume design team that is second to none!




Soundtrack Composer 

Senorè DI IORIO is one of Europe's rising musical stars. Hailing from Campobasso, Italy, he has received countless award nominations for his conducting and composing prowess both in television and film and achieved admission to the prestigious Master of Music in Film Competition at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program (A Seattle Film Institute affiliate)in September of 2011 and on July 6th, 2012 received his Masters Degree from that admired institution with top honors.  For an in-depth look at Antonio's body of work, simply click on his photo above.  There you will be able to read about his extensive background and enjoy several videos of his recording sessions as well.  We are exhilarated to have this tremendously talented man join our amazing Production Team and look forward with great excitement to working with him in all phases of production! 




P/A to 1st Assistant Director

Virgina is the force behind FireFly Films which has joined forces with Laguna Films in order to produce "PAST DUE!" Virinia is multi-talented, whether in front of or behind the camera and is a genuine asset to this feature film project.  Her adapatability and manner of working with key personnel is such a breath of fresh air in what can tend to be a rather contentious industry and that breath of fresh air permeates among the entire cast and crew.  Thanks for being the YOU that you are, Virginia, and thanks for seizing the opportunity to be an integral part of this production!




Personal Assistant 

Jackie is gracing our shores all the way from Truro, Cornwall in South West England.  She is a dynamic, motivated and hard working assistant with a track record of stellar management services provided to Screenwriter, Benn Perry.  Their relationship was forged in the mid 1990's during Benn's trailblazing effort to introduce the United Kingdom to credit counselling.  They've remained in close contact and once he said the word, Jackie, in her most cheerful manner, simply stated "I'm in!"  She will be a tireless force of positive energy both on set and in whatever capacity her assistance will be needed. Reliable, capable, intrepid and powerfully personable are all adjectives that fairly describe Ms. Gregory, and we are elated she's agreed to join our Production Team and is now a member of our amazing "PAST DUE!" family.





Rebecca O'Konski
Special Events Director

There is no finer party planner, a more remarkable newtworker,  no celebrity-connected or smile-evoking personality within these United States than our British-born teammate with that delightful english accent.  If you've ever attended one of the gala's this social butterly of the highest order has planned, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.  If it's got the HOLLYWOOD flair, chances are Ms. O'Konski was the brains behind the project.  Add to that the fact that she's just a ton of fun to be around. You're looking right here at the personification of personality plus. Glad to have you join the "PAST DUE!" Family, Rebecca.



C. J. Livermore
Media Relations Director, U.K.


Mr. Livermore adds a distinguished dash of international flavour to our Production Team, hailing from the United Kingdom. Besides being our go-to-man in Europe when it comes to relating "PAST DUE!" to medium of radio, C.J. exhibits talents across a varied number of arenas.  As a singer and songwriter with a rare and unique voice, he got all the way through to the finals of Rock Idol at C.R.C. in Redditch in 2007, and in 2010 was a member of the iconic hip hop group ironically called ICONIC. From there, his career in dance music production and composing was spawned, which to this day is receiving extensive airplay throughout England, France and Germany.  In the awesome spirit of FAMILY that this film has become, C.J., unprompted and unpaid, arranged for word of our film to be heralded over the popular Ridge Radio, based in London, Croydon through the accompanying efforts of his long time associate, DJ Clive Edwards.  So taken by his desire to make things positive happen for us all, Mr. Livermore was asked to serve as our Media Relations Director in the U.K. We are thrilled that he accepted the post and look forward to his brilliant ability to create the "PAST DUE!" on his side of The Pond!




Production Designer 




Set Decorator




Key Costumer





Wardrobe Department PA 



Costume P.A. & Seamstress 




Costume P.A. & Seamstress



 Production Sound Mixer/Engineer 




Assistant to Sound Engineer




Faith Rahhal
Location Massage Therapist 



Sound Technician & Foley Artist


Production Assistant



Production Assistant


Wardrobe Department PA




 Administrative PA



Assistant to Production Manager




Wardrobe Assistant




Camera Operator, Post Production Engineering Team 




Script Supervisor




Makeup & Styling Director 



Chief of Security




Director Still Photography




Still Photography Team

Click on Dave's photo to check out his body of photographic brilliance at his company website!  His work is being talked about in the same conversations that include former Sports Illustrated photo journalist, James K. Colton, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor and consultant, Stella Kramer, and the internationally recognized pioneer of digital photography, Vincent Versace. "His work is simply THAT GOOD!" as one acclaimed critic so aptly puts it!  ENJOY your visit through the lens of this accomplished photographer!




Laurie Tennent
Still Photography Team

Click on Laurie's photograph and browse your way around her studio and look at some of the beautiful images she and her colleagues are contributing to the world.  "From personal experience, Laurie puts you at ease upon first contact, and it only gets more comfortable from there on.  I never was the subject of a photo shoot, but by the time we were finished, I went from 'how long will this take?' to 'can't we shoot some more!"  ~ Benn Perry, Screenwriter, "PAST DUE!"





Assistant to Director of Still Photography




Still Photography Team 




Still Photography Team & Special Assignments



Stunt Coordinator





P.A. TO 2nd Assistant Director






Original Jazz Tracks
Composer & Performer





Recording Artist and Performer



Online Media Relations Director





Production Assistant 




Mason Wilson
Production Assistant




Production Assistant





  Production Assistant 



Set Medic & Safety Coordinator 





Translator, Subtitles, Post Production Crew 




Production Assistant



P.A. to Co-Producers